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Ministry of Culture of the Kaliningrad Region

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I. General terms and conditions

1.1. Festival “Territory of peace” (further named as FESTIVAL) is to be held in the Kaliningrad Region annually and has a status of the international event.

1.2. Festival is the arrangement realizing the policy of the Russian state in the area of culture, firmly establishing traditional spiritual and moral values, demonstrating the positive role of humane values in relationship between peoples and states.

1.3. Main mottoes of the festival are: “Kaliningrad Region is a crossroads of cultures” and “Culture is the basis of the civilized world”.

1.4. Main aims of the festival are as follows:

Acquaintance with national cultures of countries-participants, modern achievements in traditional national cultures;

Arising the interest and tolerance to other cultures as the basis of mutual respect and understanding between nations.

Strengthening and enriching international humanitarian ties, creating conditions for forming the common cultural space on the territory of Russia and foreign countries:

Making up the constantly functioning site for developing the international cooperation in humanitarian sphere;

1.5 Festival founders: Government of the Kaliningrad Region, Ministry of Culture of the Kaliningrad Region, TV Company “AGA” (Moscow).

1.6 Festival is held under the auspices of Ministry of Culture of the RF, State Russian Centre of Folk Arts.


2.1. Festival participants can be: professional and amateur artistic groups, talented performers, masters of arts, culinary art, handicraft, cultural specialists from different countries.

2.2. The list of countries-participants is to be defined by the Organizing Committee annually.

2.3. The participating country is to present to the organizers two videos in Russian a month before the date of opening (1 video presentation of the country, duration - 5 minutes, to be shown at the evening performance, 1 video with brief information about country symbols and short summary of the program (3 minutes) to be demonstrated at the opening gala-concert) and to direct the delegation on agreed dates to take part in festival arrangement;

2.4. Succession of presentations, duration of concert programs, and schedule of all events is to be defined according to the time-limit of the festival.

2.5. Festival participants are provided with the following on the account of the receiving party:

stage and exhibition halls, technical equipment (if agreed with OC);

three-time catering;

accommodation in hotels (hostels) on agreed with OC terms;

transport facilities within the city limits.

2.6. Festival participants are obliged to follow copyrights and license rights, as well as the festival schedule, to reveal respect to national language and values;

2.7. Printed matters, audio, video and cinema materials, made during the festival become the property of the festival Committee.


3.1. Within the festival limits the following arrangements are held:

opening and closing gala-concerts;

evening concerts including presentations of countries ( succession is defined by the OC); presentation is held in Russian (3 minutes), followed by the performance of artistic groups or individuals, accompanied by tasting of national dishes in one of the restaurants, located on the festival territory ;

contest in one of art branches (defined by the OC annually);

Craftsmen Village (handicraft fair, sales of souvenirs and other goods);

Children’s Playground;

exhibitions in state regional museums.

3.2 The festival is arranged as a public open-air holiday in a picturesque historical place. A wide range of entertainments is envisaged for participants and guests (street theatres’ shows, handicraft fair, catering, sales of local products and goods).


4.1. In order to prepare and arrange the festival its founders are to:

form up the Organizing Committee (OC);

effect general control over the preparation process and carrying out the festival;

establish special prizes for participants;

4.2 Organizing Committee is to:

adopt the festival terms and conditions;

annually define the festival place (on the territory of the RF) and time; adopt time-limits, list of countries-participants, nominations of the contest program;

send official invitations to festival participants;

form up working groups involved in preparation and carrying out of the festival;

affirm the plan of preparatory and carrying out arrangements, coordinate activities of working groups;

affirm the festival symbols, mock-ups of advertising production and printed matters;

define the list of partners, also conditions of cooperation with mass-media;

attract sponsors’ resources;

effect other activities associated with preparation and carrying out the festival;

fulfill accreditation of mass-media representatives for further interpretation of festival events;

have exclusive right for making all recordings and shooting of festival events and transfer of these rights to another party without notification of participants (actors, singers, guests ,etc.) aiming at making and distribution of all audio and video production (films, video films, CDs) of all concert items;

arrange performances of delegations and its members in charity and other cultural programs (including outside non-festival sites) if agreed with participants.

4.3 Organizing Committee particulars:

Ministry of Culture of the Kaliningrad Region

Address: 1, D. Donskoy Str. Kaliningrad, Russia, 236007

Tel. + 7 (4012) 599-353

Fax + 7 (4012) 599-153



Center of Creative programs and Technical support

Address: 177, Moskovskiy Prospect, Kaliningrad, Russia, 236000

Tel. + 7 (4012) 582 232

Fax. +7 (4012) 582 232



TV Company “AGA”

Address: 24/7, Myasnitskaya Str. Build.1 of.113

Russia 101000

Tel Nr. 8(495) 624-00-13

Fax Nr: 8(495) 625-71-01




5.1. Financing of the festival is to consist of budget means, direct donations, sponsors’ help, festival earnings and other sources;

5.2. Any organization or a private person supporting festival aims and taking part in its financing, preparation or carrying out can become its sponsor or patron.